Andres Novales, CRWILD

Andrés Novales

Guatemala Tour leader


Herpetologist and photographer

CR WILD, Andrés Novales, Guatemala Herpi


Andres was born in Colombia but raised his entire life in Guatemala. Growing up with a vast diversity of animals around him, Andres developed a huge passion for wildlife in general that later led him to pursue a degree in Biology. Andres has a big incline for wildlife all around with a special interest in tropical reptiles and amphibians. Despite his short age, Andres has been able to find some of the rarest and most endangered species of reptiles and amphibians in Guatemala. This is were Andres discovered his second passion, conservation. As a conservation program, Andres actively works with several reserves in Guatemala as a conservation photographer, his work is used to educate people through photographic diffusion. Some of his work has been featured in books, field guides, scientific papers and some of his pictures are used by customs officers in Guatemala to identify endangered species in the illegal pet trade. 



  • CRWILD, Andrés Novales
  • CRWILD, Andrés Novales

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