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Northern of south america
22 March -  06 April  2024
USD 3,799


Brazil wildlife. Capybara, Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, Biggest mouse near the water with ev


  • Encounter some of the most incredible South American wildlife, from Anacondas to Giant anteaters to great Felines, capibaras, tapirs, caimans, and one of the most diverse and colorful bird fauna in the world.

  • Navigate Orinoco tributaries searching for Pink river dolphins and giant river otters.

  • Horseback ride the immense savannahs merging with the local wildlife, white-talied deers, burrowing owls, capibaras, king vultures, etc.

  • Check the efforts captive breeding the critically threatened Orinoco crocodile.

  • Raft one of the most beautiful and unknown canyons in the world, the Güejar River.

Macho de anaconda.JPG

Visit different Ranches along the Colombian Orinoquia, covering most of the habitats, from plain savanna, to rainforest, using a variety of locomotion means, from horseback riding to 4x4 trucks and boat travelling, both at day and at night.

The herping and wildlife possibilities are endless.

​Accommodation is both, typical to luxury, from hammocks in remote areas to amazing lodges.

Tapirrus terrestris.jpg


Running Giant Anteater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla, animal with long tail and long nose, Pant
  • Enjoy the Andean cock of the rock lek 

  • Walk the high paramos searching for the huge Andean Cóndor,  the Spectacled bear and the Andean Tapir

Male andean cock-of-the-rock Rupicola peruvianus tunki passerine bird cotinga on tree bran
Frailejones in a Paramo Ecosystem in Colombian Andes.jpg
Panorama, Lagunas of Siecha, Páramo de Chingaza, Colombia..jpg


Day 0 - Arrival in Bogotá

  • Welcome and transfer from the airport to the Hotel in Bogotá.

  • Overnight stay at the hotel. (Note: This day does not include meals or drinks so that travelers can choose at their convenience).



Cesar Barrio A

César L. Barrio-Amorós

(Doc Frog)

  • Instagram

Scientific director and photographer

Spanish herpetologist who dedicated his life to the understanding and conservation of nature.

Cristian Porras Ramirez

Cristian Porras Ramírez

  • Instagram

Founder, Managing Director and Photography Director

Orinoquia xperience.png


Alejandra Salazar.jpg

Alejandra Salazar

  • Instagram

Biologist, specialist in Sustainable Agricultural Production and Innovative and Sustainable Tourism.

Christian García.jpg

Christian García

  • Instagram

Local guide with extensive knowledge of the territory, topography, routes and culture. Guide in rural tourism.

Alejandro Gonzalez.jpg

Alejandro Gonzalez

  • Instagram

Biologist, lover of reptiles and amphibians. Guide in Nature Tourism and Rural Tourism.

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