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Exploring the wildest places,

increasing wildlife conservation.

CRWild (short for Costa Rica Wild) is a Costa Rican company born in 2016 but with a lot of accumulated experience of more than 22 years in the Neotropics.


The aim of CRWild is to build experiences in nature while searching, photographing and filming wild herps (amphibians and reptiles) and other wildlife. We operate in Costa Rica, as well as in Panamá, Guatemala, México, Ecuador and Colombia.


CRWild offers expeditions of different lengths, duration and targets; tailor-made expeditions and shorter night walks in the best areas searching for the most spectacular Neotropical species.


A great amount of our income feeds our own projects on highly endangered species, like the variable Harlequin toad Atelopus varius and the black headed bushmaster Lachesis melanocephala. And last but not least,

CRWild offers free talks to communities about snakes, amphibians and other issues;

and courses of training on snake handling, among others.

Meet The Team

Cesar Barrio A.jpg
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Scientific director and photographer

Spanish herpetologist who dedicated his life to the understanding and conservation of nature.

Cristian Porras Ramirez
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Founder, Managing Director and

Photography Director

Costa Rica Wild (CRWild) develops a platform that allows to feed the natural curiosity of the human being that exorts to explore the natural world.

 We offer the wildest expeditions to the most hidden corners,

searching for the rarest and most fascinating creatures.

This let you help us promoting environmental education

through ecotourism in local communities

about the importance of the conservation of nature and wildlife.

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