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A Little donation can change everything.

Our conservation efforts continue in order to ensure scientific research and to buy lands to protect the habitat of critically endangered species.

Help us fight

For a long time, hundreds of thousands of years, Nature did not need us, simple humans. Humans needed Nature to get all resources, from food to clothing, from shelter to medicine. Time has passed, and now, we Humans can decide the fate of Nature (and humanity). As paradoxical as it has become, now is time to join efforts and help mother Nature as much as we, naturalists, scientists, photographers, animal keepers, environmentalists and any interested and sensitive person, can make the difference.

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We at CRWild are nature lovers, mostly dedicated to amphibian and reptiles, but including all nature in our focus of attention. We love to show nature as it is, as much pristine as we know, searching for all species of frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles, and so, entering and respecting Nature. Show them makes us attempting to understand every species in its habitat,

trying to thrill people with all that beauty.

The result is that, in many cases, persons change minds, and start to change other people.

Photography and film making can help deeply to nature conservation, as showing beautiful animals in pristine habitats remain the collective subconscious from where we (humans) come from.

Responsible tourism brings highly interested people to those unspoiled areas

where they can be part of ancestral scenes.

Our doing is not limited to biotourism, video and photography.

We go further and take as much data of all species we see as possible, gathering one of the most complete data bases about Neotropical herpetology.

And of course, data made results and results must be published, to show the world all the incredible discoveries, the new species, the amazing and bizarre behaviors, and the relationships between animals and its environment.

All is a circle.

CR Wild use great part of the profit of each expedition and tour, to feed our own projects, which include:

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We are focused on discovering and monitoring populations of Atelopus varius in Costa Rica, So far, we have data of 3 years and writing a paper on it. New explorations lead to check viability of recent sight in different areas of the country.



This project goes hand in hand with the previous one, and is to buy 40 hectares of pristine cloud forest in a critical border area to assure the protection of the habitat of this species and all the rest in the area.

Atelopus varius CR.png


Through interviews to locals in rural regions we can define better the areas of presence/absence of this magnificent and endangered species.

We visit rural communities and give talks trying to change the “killing all snakes” mentality and making them economically viable via Biotourism.

Lachesis Stenophrys 2.png


Atelopus varius CR 2.png

Cryptic diversity is common among conservative organisms widely distributed.

In Costa Rica, we are studying five cases, where isolated populations considered already named, are deeply divergent morphological and genetically.

Field studies plus genetic samples are not cheap.


Nowadays, with our main financial source (Biotourism) totally cut off by the world COVID-19 crisis, we ask for people’s appeal and donations to continue our effort in conservation, while we cannot rule out any tours.

If you agree with us in the necessity to act soon and our projects reach your interest, even a small contribution can make the difference.

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