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Melanocephala Project
The Black-Headed Bushmaster Conservation 
(Lachesis melanocephala).

Our conservation efforts continue in order to ensure scientific research and protect the habitat of this critically endangered species.

The Melanocephala Project
is a CRWILD and B.C.P. in situ Conservation program

in order to generate knowledge with a final end:

Conservation of The Black-Headed Bushmaster.

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What we do ?

The Black Headed Bushmaster Conservation Project is a program held by

CRWILD and the Bushmaster Conservation Project.

This effort constitutes an important step towards 

understanding and protecting this rare and enigmatic species in its natural habitat,

the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica.

Only a group of passionate naturalists could develop such a project, devoted to protect and study their favorite snake genus: Lachesis.

This project is based in the middle of the primary rainforests

of the Península de Osa, Costa Rica.