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I am a black-headed bushmaster.

My scientific name is Lachesis melanocephala and
i am one of the rarest vipers in the world.

Melanocephala project web 7.png

My main habitat has reduced to less than 1000 km2
of primary forest in southern Costa Rica and i should be considered Critically Endangered but because I am venomous, laws do not include me
in their protected lists. 

(Fig 12) Map Lachesis melanocephala 6 con poligono.png

Many people believe I am very dangerous, when in fact, I am a calm and noble snake. I do not like to strike or threaten anyone, unless, of course, I am in danger. 

Melanocephala project web Cesar.png

I like to live alone and usually underground in burrows,
just going out to capture some rodents or to mate.

Otherwise I will remain hidden. 

Because almost nothing is known about my species,
some humans decided to start a project to study our kind, and captured me
to, very gently, implant on me a radio tracker.

With that, they can follow me to better understand where, when and why I move. 

Melanocephala project web 3.png
Melanocephala project web 2.png

I am the first (and for now, the only) black-headed bushmaster to be followed with a scientific methodology and all legal permits by the Costa Rican government. 

Melanocephala project web.png
Melanocephala project web 8.png

My researchers are looking for an official name for me and have decided to hold an online fundraising auction to decide the person or
organization who will be able to name me.

Melanocephala project web 4.png

Proceeds will help to fund this project.
The highest bidder will have the honor to choose a proper name for me
and be listed as a Patron.

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Subscribe to the online auction.

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