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Judge rejects Sinac's appeal to remove snake implants from research project.

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Victory for the Conservation of Endangered Species, the Black-Headed Bushmaster (Lachesis melanocephala).

Melanocephala project team
Melanocephala project team

In a landmark decision for the preservation of endangered species, Judge Hubert Fernández Arguello issued a ruling that marks a milestone in the fight for the conservation of the Black-Headed Bushmaster.

In an appeals hearing under case number CAUTIONARY MEASURE No. 23-0732-1027-CA, the judge rejected the appeal filed by the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) in relation to the protective order filed by the Melanocephala project.

SINAC had requested the removal of implants that allowed for tracking and monitoring of this endangered species, sparking a legal dispute that culminated in this historic decision. It should be noted that previously, Judge Alana Fonseca Lobo had ruled in favor of rejecting the administrative order issued by SINAC, which was later appealed by the institution.

Today, in the appeal hearing, a crucial chapter in this legal battle was closed, since Judge Fernández Arguello supported the appeal for protection presented by the representatives of the Melanocephala project conservation project.

This means that the implants used to track and monitor the Black-Headed Bushmaster will continue to remain in place, allowing for ongoing conservation efforts for this endangered species.

This victory is not only a triumph for biodiversity conservation and the protection of a vulnerable species but also underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between conservation organizations and the legal community in the fight for the preservation of our natural environment.

The judge's decision reflects a commitment to wildlife protection and the preservation of our ecosystems. The Black-Headed Bushmaster, an emblematic species of our country, now has a renewed opportunity to survive and thrive thanks to this legal decision.

This ruling reinforces the importance of precautionary measures in the conservation of threatened species and sets a valuable precedent for future conservation efforts in Costa Rica and beyond.

The team that made this possible.

We want to take a moment to extend our sincerest thanks to all individuals and institutions that played a fundamental role in the success of our Melanocephala Project conservation project. Your support and dedication have been invaluable in this ongoing battle to improve the research status and survival of this amazing species.

First and foremost, we wish to recognize and thank the Energy Law Firm, especially lawyers Walter Brenes and Valeria Monge, for their exceptional legal work that allowed our cause to succeed in the courts. Their commitment to wildlife conservation and the environment has been crucial.

To veterinarian Randall Arguedas, we express our gratitude for his tireless dedication and expertise in caring for the Black-Headed Bushmaster specimens. His work as a veterinarian has been essential to ensuring the well-being of this endangered species.

Accountant and financial analyst Norman Andrés Reyes deserves special thanks for his support in managing the financial resources needed to carry out our conservation project. His expertise has been invaluable in this crucial aspect.

We appreciate Alejandro Romero Fuentes and Father Germán Romero for their valuable advice and guidance, which have helped us chart a clear path to success in our conservation mission. Their vision and knowledge have been instrumental.

We want to acknowledge and express our gratitude to all the institutions representing the Melanocephala conservation project, including Costa Rica Wild, Bushmaster Conservation Project, and Rancho Quemado Rural Tourism. Your collaboration and commitment to our cause have been essential to our success.

We deeply thank Cerdas Jovel, Victor Cerdas, and Jessica for their hard work in the field, which has been crucial for data collection and species observation. Their dedication and efforts are invaluable.

Last but not least, we extend our thanks to all individuals who have contributed in any way to this fight. Whether through donations, support on social media, or volunteering, each contribution has been a step forward in our conservation mission.

This fight continues, but thanks to the collaboration and support of all of you, we are one step closer to improving the research status and conservation of the amazing Black-Headed Bushmaster species. Your commitment to biodiversity protection and the environment is an inspiring example for all of us.

Let's continue working together for a brighter future for our nature and the species we share on this beautiful planet!


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