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CRWild: Scientific and Logistic Advisor for International Nature Producers like National Geographic

In an exciting collaboration that highlights the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica, CRWild has established itself as a key scientific and logistical advisor for international nature content producers, including National Geographic. This role is crucial in ensuring that wildlife productions are accurate, environmentally respectful, and contribute to conservation efforts.

Recently, Nigel Marven and his team embarked on an expedition to the Osa Peninsula, known for its unparalleled wildlife. The production team, comprised of international biologists such as Brandon Guell and Costa Rican Katherine González, worked alongside herpetologist César Barrio-Amorós from CRWild. Together, they explored and documented the diversity of species in one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

César's experience and knowledge of local herpetology were essential in guiding the team through the various habitats of the peninsula, ensuring close encounters with some of the region's most fascinating and lesser-understood species. From rare amphibians to unique reptiles, the team was able to capture significant images and data that will help raise global awareness about the urgent need to conserve these critical ecosystems.

This collaboration not only reflects CRWild's commitment to nature conservation but also underscores the importance of international cooperation in combating biodiversity loss. The images and findings collected during this expedition will be used to educate and inspire audiences around the world about the natural wealth of Costa Rica and the need to protect it.

At CRWild, we are proud to facilitate and support these global efforts that prioritize environmental conservation and scientific research. We look forward to the positive impact that these collaborations will continue to have on global conservation and the appreciation of nature.


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