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The Bushmasters: Queens of the Rainforest

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

An Overview of the Taxonomy, Distribution,

Natural History, Lore, and Conservation

of the Largest Vipers in the World.

Lachesis melanocephala by René Villanueva Maldonado, modern Mexican artist exacerbating the style of the eighteen century; painting mixed technique, acrylic and ink; 81x51 cm. Webpage: E.mail of the artist:

The queens of the forest (Lachesis vipers, the longest in the world) can be somewhat better understood! After more than three years of collecting information, both in literature and novel, as well as extraordinary photographs of a large number of colleagues and collaborators, the article version of this collaboration between me, Greivin Corrales, Sylvia Rodriguez, Jaime Culebras, Quetzal Dwyer and Diego A. Flores finally comes to light. A Spanish version will appear soon, and within a few months, it will appear in digital book format, in both Spanish and English, but with many more amazing photos in large format and a chapter dedicated to art on Lachesis. I hope you enjoy reading it as we did making it.

Download the article at the following link:


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