July 2021 (04-13)

Explore the Pacific side of Costa Rica, from the dry north to the humid south.
Discover the amphibians and reptiles you ever dreamed about!
Eyelash vipers, pit vipers, rattlesnakes, huge crocodiles, phantastic tree frogs, glass frogs, poison frogs and much more… 
bothrops asper

Meet The Team

César L. Barrio-Amorós

(Doc Frog)

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Scientific director and photographer

Spanish herpetologist who dedicated his life to the understanding and conservation of nature.

Cristian Porras Ramirez

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Founder, Managing Director and Photography Director


This expedition to the Pacific versant of Costa Rica

is intended to find and photograph some of the most marvelous and spectacular species of amphibians and reptiles  in Central America.

Costa Rica is known by its huge biodiversity in such small area, with more than 440 species of reptiles and amphibians in 50.000 km2.

In this expedition we can observe around 100 species in 10 days (of course this is not a promise, as we deal with nature!), and will visit six different locations, one of Caribbean influence, two in the dry (xeric) area, and 3 along the southern pacific (rainforest).

About the tour

USD $1,800

price per person

(deadline deposit: 30 May)

What is included and not

Required equipment

Southern Pacific 

Panama and Costa Rica 

In the northern Pacific (dry forest area), as much as we will visit in the early wet season, we can see many species that are hidden during the rest of the year, breeding, calling, and showing their best colors

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